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TECHY VENDING – For those on the go!

Welcome to Techy Vending. Our vending program is very simple: we specialize in vending programs that focus on cell phone equipment and accessories. We provide local service and we are established all across Canada.


The CELL PHONE ZONE unit pictured above does very well selling quality accessories to a popular and growing market segment of cell phone users. It takes up about 2 square feet and Techy Vending will pay you 30% of revenue.

We take care of service, maintenance, and cashouts – you just get a profit each month! The average machine will gross around $200- $400 per month – and for you, that means some $1200 annually.┬áIf you are ever not satisfied we would remove the unit and ask for no commitment on your part. Our service is our reputation.

See other sections of the site for information on products available and how to contact us.